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Dominique Ansel has said, “Innovation may seem like magic, but the real triumph is the work behind the scenes.” This blog will explore and showcase that work. However, be ready for the occasional magic trick!

We are all members of the complex culinary community looking for ways to learn, have fun, and profit from our work. Camaraderie and the sharing of ideas are the bedrock of our community and our goal with The Modern Formulator is to build on that spirit and share our own ideas. It is our hope that The Modern Formulator will fit snuggly into the core culinary tenets while exploring innovative and creative food solutions that lead down the path to critical acclaim.

There is a vast range of tools and techniques available to foodservice professionals that may seem intimidating at first, but these same options can make our work incredibly more efficient. And while there is no “perfect” way to achieve desirable results, there are certainly those folks who embrace trial and error as a means to deliver positive results. We are those folks.

Our focus at Creative Food Solutions is on modern formulation– viewing tried-and-true methods and techniques through a modern lens and adapting them to the realities of today. The right food solution can inevitably lead down the path to success and we want to be trail guides. We believe there is no better time than now to be involved in the foodservice landscape. Data and information flows freely. Our peers share more and more insider tips openly, and technology advances daily.

This blog will explore a variety of topics of interest to the culinary community, including R&D Chefs, Executive Chefs, Food Manufacturers, Culinary students, and, well, anyone who is interested in food, food science and the stuff that makes great food so memorable!

We’re kicking off with a part series eponymously entitled “The Modern Formulator.” We’ll explore these bedrock ideas of taking the tried and true methods and exploiting them to meet today’s demands. Join us as we explore:

  • Brine, Not Marinade
  • Are You Really In A Pickle? An exploration of pickling.
  • Under Pressure. Grandma’s pressure cooker in the modern world.
  • Please Provide Some Clarity: Clarification techniques.
  • Smoke & Mirrors. Smoke isn’t for preservation anymore.

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